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Mensagem por Celtic Angel em Qui 22 Abr 2010 - 18:35

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Biografia oficial das Kelten zonder Grenzen (Celts Without Borders):

In 2006 we started with narrative. We had a clear goal with our stories. We felt that Celtic at the moment very 'hip' is. Everywhere there is much to Celtic to find sense and nonsense, but few people know the 'real' Celtic stories. While just as exciting. Most stories are also far less romantic than many popular and spiritual books suggest. In rather dry terms, the most terrible and exciting stories. The language is so powerful that we were all very sorry celts floating-nonsense way. So we were like the stories we know so well, and we have in the original language (such as Old Irish or Middle Welsh) have read, tell people who do not speak those languages. But in a way that suits us. So we quickly came to a combination of music and drama. It was absolutely the intention of our scientific background to use a good text, but not to our audience there to bother. We wanted to tell an exciting idea and we did it with two Celtic stories: the story of Deirdre Irish and the Welsh story of Branwen. Occasionally we'll play them on demand still fun! We're definitely not going to stop making theater, there are still piles want mooie verhalen waiting for us, but it is now or at a low ebb.

Membros da banda:

Coca (harpa):

Kelten zonder Grenzen _MBA7096

Lies (harpa, hurdy-gurd):

Kelten zonder Grenzen _MBA7097

Renske (violino, clarinete):

Kelten zonder Grenzen _MBA7099

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